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The power of prayer has been proven to produce miracles. OurPrayer ministry prays every day for the needs of people who turn to us when they are troubled, sick, or frightened.

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Every year, OurPrayer touches more than a half million people through the power of prayer. We pray for each request individually by name and need, so we need your help. We invite you to join the OurPrayer family. United in prayer, we will see the world change... one heart at a time... one life at a time.

OurPrayer, part of the Ruth Stafford Peale Prayer Power Network, helps people achieve their maximum potential and spiritual intimacy with God. Ours is a faith-filled community, a true church without walls, uniting people from all over the world through prayer and devotion.

We work through the web, prayer networks, telephone, and days of prayer (prayer gatherings) in the United States and overseas. We look forward to the day when OurPrayer is a global community that uses the proven power of prayer to transform the world.

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  • I requested prayer for my extended family in Adak. I was able to spend a few weeks with 9 of my family members and we went to service in a Church that once was used by the Navy stationed there.

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