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Guideposts Visits Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Already in high gear, Guideposts Military Outreach took another step forward in expanding and deepening its relationships with the military during a recent visit to Walter Reed Military Hospital in Washington, D.C. Accompanying Vice President of Ministries Pablo Diaz on the historic trip were Guideposts Chief Executive Officer, Dick Hopple, and Retired Chaplain Major General, G.T. Gunhus, long-time advisor to the military program.

Guided by Walter Reed Chaplain Darrick Gutting, the group toured Ward 57, whose beds are occupied by soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, and made bedside visits to four young soldiers: CPT Felipe Blanding was injured in the line of duty and now struggles with memory loss, CPL Eric Brown suffers with a bone infection contracted in Iraq, SSG Luis Morales was shot while on duty in Afghanistan, and CPL Stephen Beeson whose leg was recently amputated after suffering an injury. The group prayed together, and the four were the first awardees of the Guideposts Outreach Military Coin given for extraordinary service to our country.

Guideposts has distributed inspirational publications, free of charge, to military bases across the country and overseas. We at Guideposts Outreach know there is no substitute for first-hand experience in matching our ministries to the real needs of those we serve. “The visit to Walter Reed hospital inspired us as nothing else could have done,” Pablo Diaz says, “and after talking to the soldiers there, we know our Military Outreach is bringing just the right kind of spiritual help to those in need.”

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