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Our History

GUIDEPOSTS was founded in 1945 by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and his wife, Ruth Stafford Peale. Dr. Peale was one of the foremost motivational speakers of the twentieth century. He wrote 46 books, including the inspirational best seller, The Power of Positive Thinking, first published in 1952. More than 20 million copies of this acclaimed book have been sold.

The GUIDEPOSTS organization is unified around this mission: GUIDEPOSTS helps people from all walks of life achieve their maximum personal and spiritual potential. Through our award-winning magazines, best-selling books, and Outreach Ministry services, GUIDEPOSTS demonstrates that faith works powerfully in ordinary lives.

GUIDEPOSTS publishes two magazines packed with real experiences and real inspiration. Together, these publications reach close to 7 million readers worldwide. Best known is Guideposts, a monthly magazine featuring first-person, true-life stories that offer practical solutions to everyday problems and inspiration for overcoming personal difficulties.

The GUIDEPOSTS family is a community of like-minded people who want to help others overcome adversity or simply face life’s day-to-day challenges with optimism, determination and joy. If you are seeking ways to enhance your spiritual growth and share your faith with others, we invite you to join us today.


Norman Vincent Peale and his wife, Ruth Stafford Peale founded two vital organizations in the 1940s that have helped and inspired millions around the world.  One was the Peale Center for Christian Living and the other was Guideposts Associates.  The name of the first began as Sermon Publications since it began publishing the sermons Dr. Peale delivered weekly at the Marble Collegiate Church, New York City.  In the passing years it was renamed twice – first, as the Foundation for Christian Living, and, as their ministry grew, to the Peale Center for Christian Living.  The Center for Positive Thinking was built and dedicated in 1988, and distributed PLUS: The Power of Faith magazine, filled with the positive messages by Norman Vincent Peale and other inspirational writers, formerly known as Creative Help for Daily Living.  This organization resided for over 70 years in 66 East Main St., Pawling, NY, with the building situated on Route 22, Pawling, NY where it thrived and eventually merged with the equally successful publishing enterprises founded by Norman and Ruth Peale called Guideposts.

Guideposts had originated in Pawling, NY in the 40’s, but then moved to Carmel, NY, to house its ever-expanding subscriber based enterprise and book publishing ministries that reach millions annually.  The Guideposts editors hold office space in New York City. 

As of spring 2011 the main business offices of Guideposts, the Guideposts Outreach Ministries, OurPrayer and Guideposts Foundation hold office space at Suite 2AB, 39 Old Ridgebury Road, Danbury, CT 06810.  Main telephone for the Guideposts Foundation is (800) 728-5653, and Guideposts business office (203) 749-0200, and Guideposts Outreach (800) 935-0158.